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 Chapter 9 discusses the concept of correlation. Assume that An agency has focused its system development and critical infrastructure data collection efforts on separate engineering management systems for different types of assets and is working on the integration of these systems. In this case, the agency focused on the data collection for two types of assets: water treatment and natural gas delivery management facilities. Please identify what type of critical infrastructure data collection is needed for pavement and storm water management facilities.

To complete this assignment, you must do the following:

A) Create a new thread. As indicated above, identify what type of critical infrastructure data collection is needed for pavement and storm water management facilities.

B) Select AT LEAST 3 other students' threads and post substantive comments on those threads. Your comments should extend the conversation started with the thread.

A :

 With regards to national foundation, its job is to give a security structure to the framework just as guarantee that the activities related with it are performed with no blunder. Thus, it turns out to be significant for the individuals taking a shot at these frameworks to gather the information that is required for the working and support of these capacities.

Asphalt and tempest water assortment are the procedures that are viewed as basic for the improvement of a sound national foundation. If there should arise an occurrence of the advancement of these frameworks, the information assortment process should be performed so that the framework chairmen can comprehend the different associations on the system and all the potential dangers that expansion the dangers related with these frameworks. This makes the information assortment process for the advancement of asphalt and tempest water assortment foundation profoundly complex in nature and requests that an enduring framework ought to be utilized so as to complete that. (Slater, R. 2002).

In order to do that, the procedure of connection can be utilized. For this, the dependable office should gather information at three levels-neighborhoods, local and national. In the initial step, every one of the frameworks that can offer any data that can be viewed as of worth should be gathered in a focal database. When all the data is acquired, the following stage requests a legitimate association and assessment of the accessible subtleties. For this, the information that is unessential should be disposed of from the outset, following the characterization of the accessible information into different classifications. This order will prompt age of more information about the information that is being composed, otherwise called metadata. When the metadata is accessible in its last structure, the organization should chip away at getting certain examples in which the information will convey what needs be. When that is done, the patterns during the time spent asphalt and tempest water assortment can be brought up. Cohen, R. J., 2012) These patterns can direct the means that can be taken for the security of these frameworks and the administration of the data just as tasks in them over the long haul.

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