Q :

Post a statement that you reviewed the Academic Integrity Tutorial at the UC Library. State the five main points you learned and how you will follow all standards outlined in the tutorial in this course.

Please post your statement in 150 words or more. Your posting is worth 3-points, and student replies are not required.

A :

 I have experienced the course substance and furthermore comprehended the significance of keeping up scholastic honesty during the course. I discovered that it is critical to utilize APA configuration and refer to any sort of references that I use for my work during the accommodation off undertakings given in the course.

Five significant focuses I gained from scholarly honesty instructional exercise are referenced beneath.

• Acquiring content from different assets and not referring to the assets is considered as Plagiarism.

• Students found Plagiarizing can confront genuine outcomes which incorporate ejection.

• Plagiarism is an intense scholastic deceptive nature and can prompt loss of evaluations.

• There ought to be legitimate dependability and approval of the work being created and attributes should be given as

• The paper ought to be written in clear and brief language after appropriate research and ideally in the understudy's very own words.

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