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Put yourself in the shoes of an IT Security Analyst that needs to describe the differences of a BCP and DR plan to a group of managers.  Describe how the two work together and the elements that make them different.  Provide a minimal of 3 elements that make them different and 2 ways they work together.

A :

Elements that make BCP and DR different:


• It is proactive

• It has methods and plans to precede the work at some point of and after the disasters

• It entails long time period challenges lasting for years and months.

• Business Continuity Planning is worried with retaining commercial enterprise operations going for walks - possibly in any other location or via using one-of-a-kind tools and approaches - after a disaster has struck. (Cartman, O. 2015).


• It is reactive

• It has steps that have to be taken with the aid of the firm after the disasters.

• It involves very brief time challenges, two to three days

• Disaster Recovery Planning is worried with restoring regular commercial enterprise operations after the disaster takes place.

They have to work together because:

• They have to work collectively to deduct some of the undetected or expected challenges and dangers to persevered operations.

• When they develop plans collectively the efficiency will be greater and better all through the hazard periods.

• As cybercrimes are increasing, it is need to that both teams have to work together to face the superior threats.

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