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Describe the difference between a fat AP and a thin AP.  What is needed to deploy a thin AP?  Are there any security considerations to think about between the 2 different APs?  Respond to two other learners by the end of the week.

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Difference between Fat and thin Access points:

1) Fat Access points

• An example of a self-sustaining network with fat access point. The AP is an addressable node in the community with its own IP tackle on its interface. It can ahead site visitors between the wired and wireless interface.

• It can additionally have extra than one wired interface and can forward traffic between the wired interface similar to layer 2 or layer 3 switches.

• FAT Aps can provide router like feature such as the dynamic host configuration protocol server capabilities.

• FAT Aps additionally have more desirable competencies such as get admission to control. Which permit filtering of site visitors for unique WLAN purchasers some other widespread functionality of these devices is configurations and enforcement of exceptional of offerings associated functions.

• Some Fat AP installations still use a controller at the again cease for control and management functions

2) Thin get right of entry to points

• As their name suggests thin Aps are supposed to minimize the complexity of Aps.

• Thin Aps are often recognized as smart antennas.

• Their Primary characteristic is to get hold of and transmit wireless traffic. They backhaul the wireless frames of a controller where the frames are processed before being switched to the wired to the wired LAN.

• The Aps are makes use of a tunnel to again backhaul the Wi-Fi site visitors to the their most primary form skinny Aps do not even perform WLAN encryption such as wired equivalence privacy or Wi-Fi protected access.

• With skinny Aps, Qos enforcement and ACL-based filtering are treated at the controller no longer a hassle due to the fact all the frames from the AP have to bypass via the controller anyway.

• Due to the greater work load the controller usually wishes to be based totally on a more effective hardware platform than required for a FAT AP installation.

• Another important requirement is that the connecting and tunnel between the Ap and the AC confirmed make certain low delay for packets between those two. Entities are dealt with at the Wi-Fi connectivity.

• These are wanted to set up a skinny AP.

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